Create. Learn. Contribute.

We draw on volunteers, artists, and arts educators and give them unique access to our inclusive arts facilitation techniques. 

Our Artists-In-Residence lead classes or workshops with people who have intellectual disabilities and support people in the arts through educational methodologies. Drawn from a pool of advanced volunteers, visiting artists, and local arts educators, Artists In Residence gain unique access to our inclusive arts facilitation techniques, opportunities to mentor people with disabilities or barriers , and a chance to share their expertise.

Three years of experience working in education or the arts and one year experience working with people with intellectual disabilities as a volunteer or visiting artist.

200 hours leading classes at H’art


  • Introductory workshop
  • Classroom observations
  • Mentoring (consulting, collaborating, coaching)
  • Lesson planning
  • Full class instruction
  • Goal setting
  • Training in classroom management and arts-based instructional strategies that address special needs, strategy implementation

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